"This book blends a delight in mental images while skillfully depicting tragedies, adventures, romances, and businesses that led to the achievement of the American dream. "

 Publishers Weekly 



"The author has a fascinating story to tell, one that journeys through some of the most remarkable decades in history. For the most part, she handles the storytelling with aplomb, mining the sorts of detail that bring it richly to life. She has an obvious affection for her family and the opportunities she found in America. It's an inspirational story, particularly for a woman of her generation to achieve the level of success she did. You can't read the book without cheering her on and wishing continued success for her and her beloved family.

Writer's Digest 




"...her strength, faith, courage and hard work made her a huge success in business. This is a woman who did it on her own, raising a family alone and providing for them no matter what... This story is an inspiration for all and could probably happen 'only in America'!"

 Sue Mannetta 




"Adventure...intrigue...hardship...joy...a happy ending...From humble beginnings in Italy...to her hard-earned...success as the proud owner of an award winning business, this is a well told tale of inspiration coupled with a dash of divine guidance....ENJOY!"

—Cassidy (Cass) Thornton




"Emilia Zecchino inspires all of us with her autobiography. This book is enjoyable and easy to read. As we watch her progress from an inquisitive child impacted by WWII through her arrival in a foreign land as a young war bride, we cannot help but note her determination and strength. She accomplishes great things through her love, perseverance and faith in God.... An inspiration for all. What a great idea for a movie or TV special!"

Pat B.




"...an amazing work. The mental images it develops are a beautiful gift to the senses. The softly woven family love vividly contrasts to the hard-bitten reality of war and reconstruction. It beautifully illustrates The 'American Way' and the pride derived from pursuing the 'American Dream' of success through hard work. Only in America is a book for our time in our wonderful country."

Donald J. Franza




"What a wonderful story of success in America. The book was exciting from beginning to end. The courage and faith in the author's story is inspiring and motivational. The author effectively takes the reader through life in Europe and Africa during World War II through the eyes of a child. It's a true American Dream story and definitely worth reading."

Anita Reid